About Richard


I have been a nature enthusiast since early childhood. My earliest memories and oldest dreams were always about getting outside being close to nature. At every opportunity I’d be climbing trees, jumping over fences, and heading out to explore the hills and creeks.

I became interested in tracking with the first tenuous glimpses I found in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, and in my ravenous reading of anything having to do with Native Americans and early explorers.

I began my real study of tracking under Tom Brown Jr. at his Tracker School in the 1990’s. Since then I’ve studied with Jon Young, Mark Elbrock, James Lowery and anyone else I could find who knew a little more that me. In 2010 I achieved my first class 3 rating in the International Tracker Certification program.

In 2006, I founded the Marin Tracking Club with a goal of building a community of local trackers to study and enjoy nature immersion together, with a mission to bring tracking back into our culture. Under MTC, I have been leading free monthly tracking gatherings in Pt Reyes for the last 10 years. The club has given me a great opportunity to refine my teaching skills in bringing tracking to others at all levels of age and experience. It has grown into a wonderful community and a day of great joy each month.

In 2010 I established the Pt Reyes Tracking School to offer tracking classes and workshops in basic tracking skills at a more comprehensive level.

For the last 9 years, I’ve been writing a monthly newspaper column, Tracking Notes, where I’ve been exploring the wide-ranging aspects of tracking and awareness and the personal growth and healing that nature offers. I am currently working on a collection to be published in book form, “The Heart of Tracking”.