Marin Tracking Club (MTC)


The Marin Tracking Club (MTC) is a free morning of community tracking. MTC meets on the last Sunday of every month. During COVID times we meet at the field locations, which will be decided and announced a few days ahead of each meeting.

It is a rich community of experienced trackers, newcomers, children, and nature lovers of all sorts. We emphasize the social aspect of tracking—sharing knowledge and awareness with others in the adventure of tracking. I watch in wonder each time we meet at how joyful and powerful it is to join our minds in the common purpose of connecting with nature.

Founded in 2006, the Tracking Club explores a variety of West Marin locations, and works on a wide variety of tracking skills in a group nature wander format.

Email notices are sent out a few days before each meeting.

No advance registration is required—just show up!